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Friedlander Upstander Award
$2,500 Scholarship

Do you know an Upstander in your community?

The Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center (HMTC) and the Claire Friedlander Family Foundation, in conjunction with the Nassau and Suffolk County Police Departments, are pleased to announce the fourth annual Friedlander Upstander Award.

Examining the Holocaust with hindsight, we are able to see clearly that it began with social cruelty and isolation, escalated into discrimination and segregation, and culminated in mass violence against Jewish people in particular and other groups as well. During the escalation of violence, people made choices that moved the Holocaust forward, but there were also points during which people inside or outside Germany could have intervened, stepped in, stood up – such intervention could have changed the course of history. That intervention did not happen only encouraged the perpetrators. This is where the lessons for today lie. By recognizing the impact of the inactions of the bystanders of yesterday, we encourage young people to empower themselves to be Upstanders.

An Upstander is a person who stands up for others, and does not stand by allowing bigotry, hatred or intolerance to happen without interjection

These $2,500 education scholarships are awarded to one student each from Nassau and Suffolk Counties, who has shown her/himself to be an Upstander against intolerance in any of its forms. The student’s action as an Upstander could be one of intervention or prevention, great or small.

The ideal student nominated for this award:

  • Is committed to making our world a better place by demonstrating that they are not bystanders, but upstanders who have taken action on behalf of another against prejudice, hatred, or indifference
  • Knows the importance of guarding the rights and safety of others, and exemplifies this through their daily actions
  • Believes in HMTC’s underlying message that every individual can make a difference in their school and community, and knows that no act is too small to inspire change

The Friedlander Upstander Awards are generously sponsored by the Claire Friedlander Family Foundation. This foundation was established by Claire Friedlander, a Holocaust Survivor, whose life was saved by people who took a stand against prejudice. This award honors her life and embodies her legacy, and the Foundation is proud to support young upstanders who make the often difficult decision to extinguish the flames of intolerance wherever they may burn.

Representatives of the Claire Friedlander Family Foundation, the Center, and the Police Departments will present the award to both recipients at a special ceremony in May 2014.

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HMTC must receive all four completed components of each nomination to be considered. Please make sure the nominated student’s name and school are written on each page of the nomination.

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